gnbasic: a BASIC interpreter

This is a small interpreter for the BASIC language that I wrote so that I could run some of these astronomy programs on Linux. It uses flex, bison and glib, and aims to handle a pretty generic dialect of BASIC - like the TRS-80 or the PET. I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time writing an interpreter for a dead - and unmissed - language, so it's missing a whole bunch of features.

gnbasic supports two data types: strings and double precision floating point. It handles N-dimensional arrays. Keywords that it understands:

Download gnbasic-0.0.1.tar.gz and unzip it.

Build it with the usual

./configure && make
make install

To run it do something like:

gnbasic TAKI.BAS
and it will run the program and exit when it's done.

The INPUT statement doesn't handle multiple items very cleverly. You have to enter them on seperate lines. So for

INPUT "Enter your name and age:",A$,B

You should type something like