voice synthesis

Gameduino's sound uses a 64-voice synthesizer. Each voice can generate a simple sine wave at any frequency up to 8KHz. Used separately, that's 64 simple sine-wave instruments. But by combining them you can create more complex sounds. By using all 64, you can create a surprisingly rich sound.

One easy way of capturing sounds is to use Audacity's Frequency Analysis function, saving the sound's spectrum as a file using Export:

There is a function in the toolkit :func:`gameduino.prep.spectrum` that loads Audacity spectrum files, and returns a list of 64 voice settings. Loading these settings - frequency and amplitude for all 64 voices - into the synthesizer bank is all it takes to play the sound.

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Here is a complex chord, recreated using the Gameduino:


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Inserting a short delay between the loading of each voice creates the slow buildup.

Another series of sounds, these ones taken from an 80s synth-pop hit:


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Name that tune...