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TermDriver: $28.00

[January 2019: out of stock, sign up to be notified when it's available]

TermDriver listens on a serial line and emulates a terminal on a standard VGA connector. It gives embedded microcontrollers a real console. More info

Gameduino 3: $34.99

Gameduino 3 adds a bright 4.3 inch touchscreen to the Arduino. Its FT810 GPU lets you create graphics, audio and video for your applications and games. It is by far the most capable graphics shield for the Arduino, and many find it the easiest to use.

Gameduino 3 7": $53.99

The GD3 7" is identical to the 4.3" GD3 except that it has a 7" 800x480 resistive touch screen. This is about 3 times the screen area, so you can fit a lot more in. Like the smaller version, it runs in all four orientations. It looks great!

Note: Because its weight is over 8 oz (226 g), international shipping is $20 for this item.

Pre-loaded MicroSD card: $6.99

Each card is fully tested, loaded and ready to run all the example games and applications for Gameduino 3. This includes all the demo games and videos. Card capacity is 16GB.

Limited edition T-shirt: $16.99

Can't decide what to wear while making your thing on the Gameduino? Impress bystanders with the official Gameduino 3 T-shirt, a custom design printed on a high-quality gray cotton shirt. Size chart