Chebyshev approximation in Python Sept 2009

Summed Images Summed images for efficient motion blur. July 2007

OpenEXR Python bindings for OpenEXR. June 2007

vop A fast vector math library for Python. May 2007

gnbasic A small BASIC interpreter. August 2001

High Dynamic Range Photography

Making High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images with the Kodak DC290. June 2001

vrpic A GTK+ based viewer for Radiance picture file format. June 2000


Darklights Shadows using negative lights. Oct 1999

Flies Making flies. December 1998

Distressing images Simulating old movie film. December 1998

Seeing Stars Using feedback and blended sprites. November 1998

A simple method for Visualizing overdraw via stencil. March 1998

An introduction to Multi-pass rendering. June 1997


Homebrew CPU in an FPGA . August 2003

Making an arbitrary frequency clock in VHDL . July 2003

goszifox: an OpenGL display for the Wittig Oszifox. June 2003

Parallel port hacking with FreeBSD. June 2003

A Power over Ethernet (PoE) extractor. March 2003

NTSC from an FPGA. Video with an FPGA and two resistors. Feb 2003

802.11b Cantenna Notes. May 2002

How to make your own double-sided PCBs. Jan 2002

dlscenix A Scenix (now Ubicom) programmer for about $10. Sept 2000


Watching movies on your phone. December 2003