A reasonably speedy Python ray-tracer June 2016

The ordered dither matrix in Verilog May 2016

CHIP-8: 40 Games on an Arduino Uno September 2015

J1a SwapForth built with IceStorm July 2015

Xorshift RNGs for small systems August 2014

Forth loop inversion August 2014

GA144 note: one node RAM June 2014

Forth enumerant January 2014

Gameduino 2: this time it’s personal October 2013

Overlapping intervals Nov 2011

Broadcaster: driving two identical interfaces March 2011

Gameduino: a game adapter for microcontrollers February 2011

Arduino CRC-32 February 2011

Memory-efficient decompression for embedded computers February 2011

Hunt the Wumpus in Forth January 2011

islast: handling the last element of an iterator January 2011

docforth: a pretty-printer for Forth programs November 2010

Only Standard Definitions November 2010

To Know Forth November 2010

Forth bound methods November 2010

Forth i2c words August 2010

pyficl - a Python interface to FICL Apr 2010

Controlling the picoLCD from Python Apr 2010

Leaving files unchanged Mar 2010

Stochastic Histograms Dec 2009

Optimizing conversion between sRGB and linear Sept 2009

Chebyshev approximation in Python Sept 2009

Optimizing pow() Sept 2009

OpenEXR bindings for Python June 2007 - present

older stuff June 1997 - July 2007

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