A Power over Ethernet (PoE) extractor

This is a PoE (power over ethernet) extractor with a DC-DC converter. You plug in a cable carrying data and 48VDC, and you get a clean, regulated 5VDC output and a standard RJ45 jack. I designed the board with Cadsoft's Eagle: the schematic, layout and Postscipt are all here.

This board uses the Cisco wiring model (positive power on pairs 7,8, negative power on pairs 4,5).
The sockets are Jameco part number 167290. $0.39
The 48V to 5V DC-DC converter is MPJA part number 14131, specs from Artesyn. $7.95

(This PoE board is the one in the wireless repeater, here).

I recently sent off to have some boards made. This is the result.