Minimal Makefile for Xilinx WebPackΒΆ

We build our FPGA projects on Linux (Ubuntu) using Xilinx WebPack ISE 11.X.

It is fiddly getting a project set up, so here is a small tarball containing a minimal one.


After extracting it, the structure is:

 Makefile       # The main Makefile - adapt this to your needs
 xessdemo.bmm   # Block RAM layout, empty for this project
 xessdemo.ucf   # Pin assignments and clock constraints      # Generic Xilinx Makefile
 xilinx.opt     # Generic Xilinx synthesis options

 xessdemo.v     # Single Verilog file


$ cd sample/synth
$ make

a whole bunch of Xilinx messages will appear, and after about a minute you should see a file xessdemo.bit. This is the FPGA image.

By editing the Makefile you can specify the chip and package, as well as project names and Verilog source files:

project = xessdemo
vendor = xilinx
family = spartan3s
part = xc3s1000-4ft256
top_module = xessdemo

vfiles = ../verilog/xessdemo.v


You should not need to modify or xilinx.opt.

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